About Center

Introduction to Malta Chinese Cultural Center

The China Cultural Centre in Malta was established on the basis of the MOU between the Governments of the People`s Republic of China and the Republic of Malta, which was signed in 2001.

CCC is a non-profitcultural organization dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and the arts, by means of cultural, educational and people-to-people activities. Through our programmes, we wish to enhance the cordial and cooperative relations between our two peoples. So as to fulfil these aspirations, the Centre wishes to offer quality service to the Maltese public, as well as build close partnerships with public and private sectors.

CCC was inaugurated by H.E. Prof. De Marco, President of Malta, together with Mme. Meng Xiaosi, China`s Vice Minister of Culture, and the Hon. Mr Jesmond Mugliett, Malta`s Minister for Youth and the Arts, on 19th September, 2003.

CCC is located in a hundred-year old building at 173 Melita Street, Valletta. Extensive restoration and maintenance work has been carried out on the building, in order to preserve its glorious antiquity, whilst also adapting it to suit the Centre’s requirements. The Centre houses a library, an art gallery, a language lab, a dance studio, a multi-functional hall and several digitalized multi-purposed classrooms. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and a versatile cultural calendar, the Centre strives to fulfil its roles as a centre for cultural, recreational, educational and other activities, as well as information and ideological exchange, both on its own premises and at other event venues.

The Centre`s cultural scope, information and ideological exchange services include training in Chinese language, martial arts and various folk crafts, lectures and seminars on abroad spectrum of specialist subjects in relation to China`s tangible and intangible cultural heritage, traditional and ethnic cultures, visual and performing arts, medicine, cuisine and other fields. The Centre extends its information service to include the library’s wealth of printed and digital resources, which amount to over 10, 000 books, journals, magazines, newspapers and numerous audio-visual materials.

Moreover, apart from participating in annual branded events and festivals which feature on the local cultural calendar, CCC regularly organizes Fine Art and Photography solo or collective exhibitions, English-subtitled film and documentary screenings and themed movie festivals, as well as performances by distinguished Chinese artist groups and acclaimed “National Inheritors of China`s Intangible Heritage”, invited by CCC to deliver high-standard entertainment and unique experience of China`s extremely rich repertoire of classical, traditional andfolk performance arts to the Maltese public. The programme variations include authentic instrumental, vocal, dance, magic, marionette, martial arts and acrobatics performances at indoor and outdoor theatres across Malta.

Our Motto
Quality, Accessibility, Friendship and Partnership

Mission Statement
To enhance and cultivate appreciation for the Chinese culture and the arts
To encourage learning of Chinese language and culture
To enhance mutual understanding and friendship between China and Malta