Discover the Silk Road of China

September 8, 2022 - Thursday

Discover China as you never saw it during our second theme about the Silk road of China


Gansu is one of the provinces through which the Silk Road passes, and its geographical location allows it to enjoy a rich cultural heritage, being an economically important province, as well as a cultural transmission path



In this theme, you will get to know places to see at least once in your life such as the Mogao grottoes (‘Caves of the Thousand Buddhas’), Maiji Shan caves, Labrang Monastery and Yueya Springs, and many others !



You might have heard about Goji Berries, also called wolfberries, very famous for their multiple benefits on health thanks to their high content of vitamins A and C , you will know the region of origin of the goji berries, Ningxia, a small autonomous region in north-central China



Qinghai province is located on the western edge of China, and is the source of mountains and three rivers



Its diversity results in many nationalities gathering there and creating the colorful and rich Qinghai culture Arts lovers will love this video as they can discover, besides the beautiful scenery offered by great nature, many artistic elements to discover on our Facebook and Youtube pages