China Cultural Centre in Malta enthralls Verdala International School students

June 12, 2023 - Monday

The China Cultural Centre in Malta was invited to participate in the International Evening event at Verdala International School, where its captivating traditional Chinese costume show and calligraphy class left a lasting impression on the students. This engaging cultural experience was met with great enthusiasm and enjoyment by all in attendance.

As a special guest at this multicultural celebration, the China Cultural Centre showcased the richness and diversity of Chinese traditional culture. The highlight of the evening was the mesmerizing traditional Chinese costume show, which allowed students to closely experience the charm of China’s ancient attire. Models adorned in exquisite Hanfu outfits showcased different styles and designs from various historical periods, creating a picturesque display on the stage. While enjoying the performance, students gained insights into the profound cultural heritage embedded in ancient Chinese fashion.

Additionally, the China Cultural Centre provided students with an immersive calligraphy class, allowing them to experience the artistic allure of Chinese calligraphy. Under the guidance of local Chinese artists, students had the opportunity to personally engage in the art of Chinese brush writing. Dipping their brushes in ink and gracefully maneuvering the strokes on rice paper, they experienced the unique beauty of Chinese calligraphy. Through this hands-on experience, students not only learned the basic techniques of Chinese writing but also appreciated the philosophical essence behind this ancient art form.

The students and staff of Verdala International School expressed warm appreciation and gratitude for the participation of the China Cultural Centre. They acknowledged that the event not only enriched the school’s cultural atmosphere but also provided students with an intimate encounter with Chinese traditional culture. Through such cultural exchanges, students expanded their horizons and deepened their understanding and interest in China.

The China Cultural Centre in Malta expressed great pleasure in participating in the event and affirmed its commitment to promoting mutual understanding through diversified cultural activities.