My Encounter with China is a hot call for works

July 31, 2021 - Saturday

What you are reading now is not real copywriting. These texts only show where the copy will be placed. We will call these copywriting “fake characters.”

Why use “fake characters”?

Because under normal circumstances, when making preliminary proposals to customers, we usually only draw up the main and subtitles and images first. Other details such as copywriting, etc. will wait for further discussion between the two parties before further development.
Of course, before the writer writes the actual copy, he actually has a copy in his mind. What is the process of the copy and how long the copy will be. A piece of fake copy, you really carefully read it, thank you.

laugh! This is not a real copy, please don’t read it! Are you still reading? It’s really prestige! I have already said that this is not a real copy, and if you continue to read it will only waste your precious time! Don’t you think your time is precious?

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